Bedside Handover1Clinical Handover Poster

Wimmera Health Care Group wants to enable you to be part of your care. One way we do this is involving you with your 'handover'. This is when a nursing shift change occurs and information about you, your care and your condition is passed on to the next shift.

We want you to be involved in this process, so we do a 'handover' at the bedside. Click here for more information.

Children's Safety

WHCG supports and respects all children.

WHCG is committed to the cultural safety of Aboriginal children and children from culturally and/or linguistically diverse backgrounds, and to providing a safe environment for children with a disability.

Private Patients

Even though Wimmera Health Care Group is a public hospital, you can elect to be treated as a private patient and you won’t be left with out of pocket expenses.

Our Private Patient Liaison Officer is dedicated to helping you through each stage of your hospitalisation.

As a private patient, you will enjoy peace of mind knowing you, your child or family member will receive the highest standard of medical services along with the special privileges of private care such as:

•Choice of doctor (provided they have practice rights at Wimmera Health Care Group)
•preferential access to a single room
•no out of pocket expenses
•health fund gap or excess paid by Wimmera Health Care Group
•a la carte menu and beverage selection
•free television and internet use
•free telephone use
•daily newspaper
•welcome pack and free voucher at the Hospital Coffee Shop
•use of hotel-style bath sheet and robe
•personal assistance from our Private Patient Liaison Officer.

By using your private health insurance, you are helping Wimmera Health Care Group to maintain facilities and provide more equipment and services. You will not be out of pocket and Wimmera Health Care Group will benefit from your decision.

Private Patient Liaison (for all of your private health queries)
Monday – Friday   9am – 4pm    Ph- 5381 9300      E: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Accounts Receivable (for payments to WHCG)
Monday – Friday   8am – 5pm    Ph- 5381 9209

Patient Billing (including Workcover, TAC and Private)
Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm

Private Patient Brochure

Patient Information Directory

Our Patient Information Directory provides an A-Z of hospital information. It is designed to answer some of the most frequently asked questions patients and their families may have during their stay at Wimmera Health Care Group. A copy of this directory is available in each bedside locker at the Horsham campus.

Patient Pathways

Patient pathways provide an outline of the plan of care you may receive during your hospital stay for a particular condition or surgery. This may assist in your preparation and understanding of your condition and care before and during the course of your hospital stay.

N.B. Patient pathways are intended as a guide only. As each patient is an individual and responds differently, the care plan may alter. If you have any questions, please discuss with your doctor or nurse.


Clincial Pathways

  • Stroke Clinical Pathway
  • STEMI Clinical Pathway


Shared Decision Making Tools 

Acute Bronchitis – Patient Decision Aid

Middle Ear Infection – Patient Decision Aid

Sore Throat – Patient Decision Aid


Emergency Department System

Wimmera Health Care Group does not offer an outpatient service, but it does have an Emergency Department.

The Emergency Department is designed and staffed to treat medical emergencies. Unfortunately some people attending the department may experience lengthy delays before they are seen by a doctor due to their case not being classified as an emergency. Non-emergency cases presenting to the department can also cause delays for people who are in need of more immediate medical attention.

The department triages, or categorises, patients who present to the department and people are seen based on their triage status. If your case is not an emergency then Wimmera Health Care Group asks you to consider seeing your own doctor, instead of attending the Emergency Department.

Below is an image which depicts the triage categories.


Consumer Feedback - Compliments, Suggestions and Complaints

Wimmera Health Care Group welcomes all forms of feedback as it helps us identify where we need to improve and identify what is working well. If you have a complaint or concern about your care and treatment at Wimmera Health Care Group, please take the following steps:

Discuss your issue with a staff member working in the area and suggest any immediate action you would like to see happen.

If the discussion does not alleviate your concern, please request that the matter be referred to a more senior staff member.

If you do not wish to approach staff directly, please contact the Consumer Advocate during business hours on (03) 5381 9331, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or complete a Consumer Feedback Form ("Have your say"!) and place in one of the feedback boxes located in each area of our organisation.

The Consumer Advocate will make sure that your comment or complaint is promptly directed to the right person and that you are kept informed about its progress.